ADT Provides Technology Solutions

Developing a successful technology solution to meet your needs. That is our end goal. No matter if you’re in Dubai, UK, New Zealand or somewhere else in the world, we would love to partner with you on that exciting new project.

Mobile Apps

How much work do we do from our mobile phones? If that’s not you, I am sure many of your colleagues are. For better for worse, a large amount of business is conducted from mobile phones and we all need to be part of that space. Like ADT has mentioned for B2B and B2C portals, not only does having an app for your clients provide a better service, it also gives you the advantages for structure, efficiently and scalability. More over you retain a very direct relationship with your customer.

ADT specialises in providing mobile applications specific to our client’s needs. Over years of building mobile applications we have an extensive set of building blocks allow us to quickly develop applications for Android or iOS devices. As our speciality is also systems integration, our applications can be connected to a wide range of external systems and sensors. We have done marketing applications where users take selfies and virtualise themselves in different costumes, right through to ocean going yacht tracking systems that have almost certainly saved the lives of some of the sailors.

If you have a concept of your application, we are confident we can build it. Even if your not sure how best to utilise a mobile application for your purpose, let us know and we can help you brainstorm and put some direction on your next professional mobile application.


We also have more a technical page for your reference on developing mobile apps

Business Solutions

If your organisation is not using a compressive business management application, you are sure to be wasting time, resources and will find it difficult to compete in the current business environment. While we all understand the importance of people, both in our teams and in our customers, it cannot be denied that many aspects of our business can be improved considerable by systems that automate routine tasks, help us keep track of data, organise our teams or provide self service options for our customers.

In the past it was possible for organisations to run a number of different systems such as spreadsheets, shared file shares, emails and accounts systems. Organisations that have not started embracing centralised business management systems and cling to these previous staples will find they cannot maintain quality, target response times, are prone to misplace data, waste time and resources duplicating data, and management have no immediate understanding of how their business is really doing.

Business managements systems are tools for your team and your customers to extract the maximum efficiency with the resources you have. To ensure that important policies are adhered to, that data is centralised and available, different systems talk to each other, and management can get live results via their dashboard on how the organisation is performing.

ADT works our customers in a consultancy role to understand your business processes and requirements, both from management and user perspectives. We can then provide a comprehensive specification for your requirements and fit that with an appropriate solution.

A business management system does not need to be a single expensive ERP platform. This may integrate the best technology from different providers, for CRM, project management, information sharing, order processing, communications, finance and reporting.


We rarely visit bank branches any more, we do our tax online, and increasingly order our electronics or groceries online as well. Most of us also claim that working that way is more convenient. There is no doubt that online services do not completely replace personal service, but they offer a channel that works for users, and has the additional benefit in providing structure, scalability and cost savings to our organisation.

ADT is specialised in creating such solutions to your organisation needs. We have done platforms from small photography businesses having online booking schedules, to worldwide brands of consumer electronics receiving thousands of units orders per day. These can be secured and presented online in the method appropriate for your business, and be integrated with your existing systems, be it websites, CRM, ERP or accounting systems.

Website Development

We build corporate websites on the most reliable platform Umbraco. The Umbraco platform, the most flexible and fastest growing ASP .NET CMS, used by more than 500,000 websites worldwide. This is a great choice to leverage the ever-expanding Windows and Azure infrastructure and avoiding more of the common security concerns with other well-known plugin based CMS platforms. We expect to see more of our customers in Dubai, the UAE and around the world, further embrace Umbraco in the future.


For those who have multiple systems that don’t talk to each other. Where you seem to be doing loads of double entry, switching between systems, or exporting and importing data manually. Save time and sanity with fully integrated platforms, seamlessly moving and accessing live data from the place you need. Because we are techies, we relish the challenge of complex integration solutions and have commonly provided integration between different database types, account systems, cloud platforms or with provided application programming interfaces (API’s).

ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle and Sage. Accounts systems such as Xero and Sage, or CRM such as Hubspot and ofcourse our own iCentral platform. These are just a few examples of common integration projects we complete.   

IoT Sensors, Monitoring and Control

ADT takes our integration to a whole new level connecting our Cloud and Apps to real world sensors and devices. For over a decade ADT has provided software solutions that connect to many different devices types from legacy sources such as RS232 right through to modern LoRaWAN IoT systems. ADT has used real world sensors and devices to monitor and collate data for dashboard display operations teams information to automate status on the ground anywhere around the world. Automated workflow can feedback to devices to activate functions based on control input or data triggers. ADT has built platforms to track and map around the world yacht races, monitor gas sensors, record ROV submarine data as well as monitoring and controlling IoT devices in Agriculture. There is really no limit on what we can connect our systems to.

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