Airline Reservation System

There are times when you create a whole new business category. One where there is no existing application or platform that suits your needs. This client needed a customised, flexible platform to run their reservations and flight management right across their business

The different components of this platform are extensive. Built over a number of revisions in 24 months the system includes a secure cloud based platform including; Website Bookings, Mobile Apps, CRM, Reservations Management, Flight Management, Integration with Sage accounting, check-in facilities, Management Dashboards and BI recording to name just some of the features. It truly is a full business system built from the ground up. Yet because its built on ADT existing iCentral platforms, they didnt have to start from ground zero saving time and money.




B2B Portal, B2C Portal, Business Application, Cloud Infrastucture, Mobile App, System Interconnectivity


September 17, 2018