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About ADT. Experienced, Reliable and Great to work with.

A little bit of background

Incorporated in 1995, Advanced Digital Technology (ADT) is a specialist technology company that focuses on complex application and support requirements. We are all real technical people with core skills in programming, database, integration and infrastructure fundamentals. We are also pragmatic and bring years of experience in working with different businesses allowing us to develop and implement real world solutions that meet the end objectives.


A key point of difference is that ADT is our operational ethics. Developing new technology initiatives is hard. It is never possible to foresee every scenario, and for a successful working relationship each party needs to be working to the same goal. A successful project delivery. To this aim ADT treats each new project as a joint venture and we believe in making good on our promise to deliver our customers a working solution at the end of the day.


With offices in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates as well as a multi-lingual staff base, ADT is well suited to implement and support solutions around the globe.