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Website Design & Development

Advanced Digital Technology (ADT) offers a complete set of website design, development and hosting services with one goal in mind: to help profitably promote businesses on the Internet! For many companies, choosing a website development partner can be a difficult and frustrating experience. This is especially true with technologies changing so rapidly and new buzzwords being created faster than people can learn the old ones.

For this reason, ADT works to empower customers by implementing websites that can be managed directly by them. Instead of needing to constantly come back to their web partner when changes are required, ADT provides customers with in-built easy to use site management interfaces that allow them to make changes and update their site.

ADT’s efforts, however, do not stop there. In addition to providing site management tools, hosting facilities and year round support, we also help you make your website profitable. Profitability on the Internet is closely aligned with Visibility and to this end, ADT provides Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO) to ensure that customers have the appropriate strategy for Search Engine placement.

Regardless of the type of website required, from customers wishing to create an online presence through to upgrading Corporate websites, ADT’s team of designers and developers are able to provide an all-in-one solution with the emphasis on customer service.

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Products / Services Overview

ADT provides a complete range of Products and Services for implementing Webbased applications and supporting IT infrastructures. From initial feasibilitystudies, through the consultancy, design and development phases, toimplementation and ongoing support, ADT aims to cover all aspects whensuccessfully rolling out new systems. While much of this site addresses each ofADT’s services in specific detail, the following represents a brief overview:

Application Services

ADT has developed a web based component engine, called ICE, which forms thebasis of all its web application development. This toolkit, which is sold bothas components and as customised solutions, is in use by companies all around theworld and has proven itself to be reliable and rugged in operation. It enablesrapid web application development for new solutions and virtual plug and playimplementation for its packaged solutions. ADT also works to improve and upgradeICE so that customers can plug in new features as they become available.