Website Design Services

Customised Hosting Services

ADT now provides a full range of website hosting services.Starting with economical combination packages of website and email hosting through to high end enterprise dedicated hosting clusters or cloud environments.ADT provides hosting services also as value added service to our customers. As a small hosting company, and understanding our clients often varied requirements ADT provides flexible packages and customized hosting to give you the solutions you need.

All ADT’s hosting services are provided based in secure environments with ultra high speed and multiple redundancy connections to the Internet. We provide hosting in the location that makes most sense to our clients requirement and can offer hosting most geographical locations through our distributed Cloud platforms. Our primary data centres are in:

  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

What most of our hosting customer like however is the ability to discuss their hosting requirements at their usual business hours either on a local phone call or in person.

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Website and Email Hosting Packages

To make it easy for customers to choose their requirements ADT has put togther packages that include all the items you need to give your company an internet presence. We take care of all the domain registration, DNS, website configuration and email system setup, all you need to do is select a package, tell us the
domain  name you require and we do the rest.

DNS Hosting Services

For customers that require only DNS hosting or customized DNS hosting ADT provides a complete DNS hosting service.

Dedicated, Virtual
and Cloud Hosting Servers

For customers with large traffic sites such as social websites, e-business sites or online portals, ADT provides Windows and Linux based platforms will full remote access. Servers are pre-installed with all required web services, email software and security applications. ADT assists you in managing these servers taking care of problems and updates. Our Virtual and Cloud based servers benefit from redundant and fail-over options.

Customised Hosting Services

We understand that not every customer can justify a dedicated server, but standard hosting packages do not give the flexibility needed. As such ADT can work with you create a customised hosting package with your own program or components being installed or even specific IIS or FTP setups.