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Infrastructure is the term ADT uses to categorise the platforms upon which business IT applications or services run. Infrastructure can start with cabled networks progressing up through the switches, routers, servers and operating systems all of which perform the basis of your IT Infrastructure.


Encompassing a range of network solutions from providing Structured Cabling of your office to specific Wide Area Network protocol routers or VPN’s ADT can provide a network solution that addresses your requirements.

Security Solutions

Security is currently the biggest threat to the growth and productivity of IT solutions. At ADT security is foremost throughout all our offerings with specific services to secure your boarders (Firewalls), messaging (Spam, Anti Virus), applications (Encryption), systems (Patch Management) with products, policies and education.

Server Solutions

From small business to enterprise, servers are the core to processing user requirements. ADT provides server solutions to datacenters or consolidated workgroups providing centralized authentication, storage and application hosting services.

Wireless Systems

From personal networks, through home, corporate and upto wide area telcom solutions ADT offers a range of products and services to assist you in rolling out wireless technologies whether based on Bluetooth, WiFi (802.11) or customised solutions on multipoint spread spectrum broadband

Communications Systems

The term Communications is now being used to categorise a vast range of products and services. Now communications is more and more about IT services with the invent and importance of emails, messaging and Voice over IP (VoIP). ADT provides and integrates various communications systems to meet your needs.

Maintenance & Support

ADT provides comprehensive Maintenance and support to our Infrastructure Solutions based on a variety of options including outsourcing, Annual Maintenance Contracts, Extended warranties or ad-hoc remote or onsite services.

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