Mobile App Development

The sale of Mobile Devices such as Smart Phones and Tablet computers is booming. These devices are now common place in both developed and emerging markets, and yet projections show that we are still at the infancy of this growth phenomena.

There is still immense future potential for the use of Mobile Apps, both as stand-alone products and mobile versions of existing services. Mobile devices are not just another computing method, but offer many considerable advantages over traditional computing. These include:

  • Simplified Touch Interfaces can actually make applications more productive on Mobile Devices.
  • Interact with users when they would otherwise have downtime. When they are on public transport, waiting for an event or just chilling with a coffee.
  • Monetise your services. Mobile App services come with built in payment processing systems which you can take advantage of without the expensive of developing and managing payments yourself.
  • Bulk Audiences. Immediately on publishing your mobile App it can be available to millions of potential customers and with some online marketing, you can soon be looking at vast volumes of sales.
  • Mobilise your workforce. Setting up, booting and logging into a laptop takes upto 10 minutes just to get single piece of information. This can take only 30 seconds on a Tablet Device meaning staff are more likely to use these on a regular basis. In addition both offsite and office based teams can be much more productive and informed with quick access to information in the field, and immediate status of progress back in head office.
  • Do new things on mobile apps you cannot do on workstations. With the like of GPS, accelerometers and camera’s built in to most devices you can do so much more with mobile applications.

The greatest thing about mobile devices is that its only your imagination that limits what you can do. So why not get that brain storming going and sketch up your Mobile Application requirements today. ADT can help you fine tune the requirements and get it built for Apple, Android, Windows or other Mobile devices quickly and cost effectively.

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