Advanced Digital Technology

About Us

Advanced Digital Technology (ADT) is a specialist IT company that focuses on four key areas:

  • Designing, Implementing and Supporting Web Based Applications.
  • IT Consultancy specialising in System Integration Issues.
  • Infrastructure and IT Network Support.
  • Hosting Solutions

Incorporated in 1995, ADT, has been involved in Internet Technologies almost from the inception of the Internet. During this time they have built up a large customer base who utilise its application tools in their web service offerings. While initially focused on Application Development and Consultancy, ADT quickly expanded its Support Division in order to provide a complete service both for small companies, needing basic support, and for larger companies with their own IT staff who required second tier assistance.

With Offices in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates as well as a multi-lingual staff base, ADT is well suited to implementing and supporting web based public access systems that can be used by people all over the world. In 1996 ADT complimented its Web Application Services with Hosting Solutions, which it provides both for independent hosting and for its own Applications

Products / Services Overview

ADT provides a complete range of Products and Services for implementing Web based applications and supporting IT infrastructures. From initial feasibility studies, through the consultancy, design and development phases, to implementation and ongoing support, ADT aims to cover all aspects when successfully rolling out new systems. While much of this site addresses each of ADT’s services in specific detail, the following represents a brief overview:

Application Services

ADT has developed a web based component engine, called ICE, which forms the basis of all its web application development. This toolkit, which is sold both as components and as customised solutions, is in use by companies all around the world and has proven itself to be reliable and rugged in operation. It enables rapid web application development for new solutions and virtual plug and play implementation for its packaged solutions. ADT also works to improve and upgrade ICE so that customers can plug in new features as they become available.